Animal Specialists British and Irish

Animal Professionals UK and Ireland4

Specialists in animal health in the UK and Ireland have teamed up together to create a website that is for those who are working in animal health. Join a membership to our site and keep in the loop with what’s going on for professionals in animal health. By signing up for the newsletter members will read about animal conferences that they may want to attend or articles to read about animal health. It’s a site for bringing animal professionals together to share resources and information. Veterinary schools, charities and other organizations are coming together and holding meetings in various places throughout the UK and Ireland to present important information in the field. Look forward to mingling with specialists and professors from various prestigious colleges and learning by attending lectures and talks. Our site is supported by, which offers previews of real money slot games, including animal-themed casino games like this one.

Meet professionals from the Zoological Society of London and the British Library, for example. The elected members of the AHIS are important representatives from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, from Glasgow University of Vet School, Edinburgh University Library, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food. Interested in learning how to become an animal specialist? The following Universities and Colleges have programs to educate and earn professionals their degrees in animal health: Bristol University, Cambridge University, Glasgow University, Liverpool University, Queen’s University, Belfast, Edinburgh University, the Royal Veterinary College in London and the University College of Dublin. Find links to these programs and much more with a long list of other animal societies and schools to explore and find all kinds of resources to advance your career.

Whether it’s veterinary science or medicine, becoming an advocate for animals and the quality of their lives is an important need in our communities. Both domestic and wild animals are amongst us at home or in zoos and the amount of people that must come together to provide appropriate shelter and environments for these animals in important. Farmers are in need of quality care for their farm animals and need to build relationships with those professionals around them. Whatever kind of animal it could be, there are conservation programs and all kinds of charities that are always looking for more resources and funds. Become members with animal organizations to keep learning and adding to your knowledge about animal health, and the organizations don’t just stop in the UK and Ireland but are worldwide. Bringing the most informative and interesting of animal health straight to you, get involved, become a member and find out more about our mission and values.