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AHIS UK and Ireland seeks to bring together animal friends

The AHIS of UK and Ireland aims to bring together those who share an interest in the dissemination of animal health information. Our goal is to foster cooperation and resource sharing, as well as stimulating interest in related matters.We aim to reach these objectives through organized meetings, discussions, and conferences.

Membership benefits include: a biannual newsletter, a membership directory, a reduced registration fee for Annual Conference, an opportunity to communicate with other animal health professionals, and connections with like-minded organizations throughout the world. The member subscription is £20, but this may be reduced to £10 for the unwaged.

So far, the AHIS has achieved a lot through several meetings and conferences, a timeline of these meetings are:

Inaugural Meeting, Edinburgh, 1993: During this meeting, numerous representatives from veterinary schools, charities, commercial, and government organizations met together.

Meeting at Central Veterinary Laboratory in March 1994: This meeting featured several speakers such as Dr. Clive Weeks (Current awareness at ICI); John Alborough, Editor of Veterinary Review (Availability of market research); Tim Cullen, Natural Resources Institute (Government information sources); and Dr Mike Meredith, Pig Disease Information Centre (Gathering and marketing information).

Meeting in April 1995: This meeting was held on the topic of The Electric Jungle. Speakers discussed the new IVIC/GTI system, wildlife information networking, and “hands on” internet experience.

1996 Conference: This conference focused on the topic of Promoting and charging for Information Services: a contradiction in terms? At this conference, speakers talked about the pros and cons of charging mechanism.

1997 Conference: The theme of this conference was Learning & Informations Sources: the Way Ahead. Speakers included Derek Law (King's College), Mike Davies (IVIC/GTi), Andrew Short (CLIVE), Liz Dauncey (Kew Gardens), Peter Burnhill (EDINA) and John Taylor (UCVE, RVC).

1998 Conference: This conference explored Grey Literature in Animal Health: Exorcise your Grey Matter: Grey Literature in Animal Health. Speakers included Peter Auger (Peter Auger Research Services), Ann Sylph (Zoological Society of London), Tim Cullen (Natural Resources Institute) and Alan Gomersall (British Library, SRIS).

1999 Conference: This conference explored quality versus quantity on the Internet. Speakers included John Kirriemuir (OMNI), Phil Bradley (Internet consultant), Chris Armstrong (CIQM), Martin Alder (Veterinary Record), Mike Davies and included product demonstrations from CABI and Vetstream.

2000 Conference: This conference focused on hybrid libraries. It was held at the Edinburgh Zoo.

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