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AHIS – Bringing people together

AHIS – Bringing people together1Everything is changing these days with new technology. Now technology governs and dictates our lives like never before. It has enabled us as people to self-organize and then come together according to interests. Social media helps to get similar people together into groups for a common cause. We created this organization to bring soon-to-be professionals and professionals to create a common ground where all could meet in the group and add up the knowledge of the whole. Not only does connecting with people online provide a greater ability to communicate with people from all over the world, but the platform can be used to connect groups that are near to you and then you can meet with these people personally. How? 

By attending conferences, lectures and even by merely speaking through the AHIS forum – those in the UK and Ireland can strengthen their knowledge of the resources in their area. Whether it be a library or a veterinarian school, take advantage of all the resources around you, continue your education as animal health professionals in a variety of ways. Forums and blogs are a great way to get to know the members of your group. Be open-minded to what others have to say and have intelligent discussions about things that interest you. Share your own knowledge in your industry of animal health and get known as a resource for other people to go to. After joining the membership, members will be given email notifications of up-coming lectures or conferences along with a newsletter. Write into the editor, go as far as your qualifications lead you, become a leader in some way. 

Gain entrance into conferences with head professors and pioneers in the field and continue adding to your knowledge and your ability to do your do better than before. Be a part of the excitement for networking, getting references for those who specialize in certain fields like surgery or dental. When you need a break from all that professional mingling, it may be time for a little fun and action with your professionals in animal health and safety. Be the rebel in the group, suggest gambling. Why gambling? Because gambling is fun whether it be roulette or blackjack when playing online slots for real money the stakes go up and the thrill of the game sets your endorphins flying.

UK and Ireland casinos are easy to find and to organize a time at the casino after conferences is also something we like to do. We are making relationships in the industry, making contacts and possible future business partners. Get the word out that you are now accepting new patients whether it be a pig or a porpoise. Whether you deal in farm animals for a small, Irish village or whether you keep things a little bit more sophisticated at the London Zoo. You like animals but still want to live in the city? It can be done working for important research centers and libraries within the metropolitan area to still have room for animals. Tiny parks are scattered around the neighborhoods to make it a more animal-friendly place. More and more water fountains are being installed in the parks to quench your dog’s thirst. Whenever you are working in animal health there is always room for another horse in the barn. We can make room for these animals and the people who care for them.